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Work for Stage Crew:

If you feel you have attributes appropriate to our industry and ethos please feel welcome to contact us with a brief cover letter and a C.V. of relevant work experience. Whilst we may not have immediate vacancies we do keep suitable C.V.s on file.

Stage Crew Code of Conduct 2012

1. Be Punctual

Crew jobs are always time-constrained. Lateness is never acceptable. It compromises the client's schedule and your colleagues. Please be on site 15 minutes before your call begins.

2. Be Reliable

We operate zero tolerance towards non-legitimate last minute cancellations or no-shows. Load-in no-shows will be replaced for the entire call. Failure to return for a load-out forfeits the load-in rate. In either instance you will not be hired by Stage Crew again.

3. Be Presentable

Full show blacks are the basic uniform. Appropriate Stage Crew branding (t-shirts, hi-viz etc) must be worn when supplied. Long hair must be tied back & tattoos covered where possible. Casual headgear such as woolen hats or baseball caps should be plain black.

4. Be Strong

Stage-Crew are often hired to perform strenuous physical tasks. Strength, fitness & stamina are basic requirements. Be prepared for a physical challenge.

5. Be Responsive

On site you take direction from the Stage Crew senior crewman, crew-chief or direct from the client. Qualified input and initiative is valued, however please do not debate decisions, argue or ignore instructions.

6. Be Proactive

It is our job to find solutions not present problems. Do everything you can to make the show run smoothly with a minimum of fuss and impress our clients. It is a competitive marketplace. Satisfied clients mean repeat business and more work for everyone.

7. Be ready to learn

Stage-Crew prides itself on the technical knowledge of its crew. Every job presents an opportunity to increase your understanding of our industry. Keep your eyes and ears open. Ask questions, particularly of senior crew.

8. Be Professional

Carry a Leatherman or similar & have it accessible at all times - preferably on your belt.
Stage-Crew have a zero tolerance policy to alcohol & drugs. Anyone judged to be unfit for work (intoxicated or severely hung over) will be ordered off site & forfeit the full call.
Smoke breaks are not standard and should be considered a bonus not a right. You may only stop work to smoke when advised you may do so by the crew-chief or client.

9. Be Safe

Safety is paramount. Safety shoes are a legal requirement on all jobs without exception. Crew work can be dangerous. Never take risks with your own health or that of your colleagues. If you have a safety concern raise it with your crew boss immediately. Be aware of the risks involved in every task & always use safe working practice. You will also handle critical and expensive technical equipment. Great care must be taken to avoid breakages.

10. Have a sense of humour

A happy crew works best. A sense of humour helps with the sometimes long & unsociable hours. Try to be positive & good-humoured for your own sake and that of those around you!